Winners of the Creative Flow “12 Days of Christmas Contest”!

Contest Page ImageBusiness Development & Personal Growth Prizes

It’s the New Year and it’s a fresh start for 78 lucky winners who will get one of the following fantastic prizes to help them in increasing sales and to maximize profits in 2014!

Remember that each of the Prize Partners also offered a freebie for those not fortunate enough to win this time. Check them out on the competition info tab on the Creative Flow Facebook Page.

Over the next couple of days myself and the prize partners will email the winners with details of how to claim their prize.

Note: The winners names used below are as entered, where there is only a first name a hint with a few characters from that winner’s email address is added in brackets afterwards so they can identify themselves.

12 x Action Planning & 6-week Accountability Online Coaching – worth £77 – Una Doyle,

This package includes a 90-min group session where you’re going to create your action plan for the next 6 weeks to really kickstart 2014 into gear. I’m going to teach you some simple, yet profound and proven business development principles to incorporate into your plans. In addition, you’ll have weekly 121 online accountability coaching in my client portal to help keep you on track for the 6 weeks.

  1. Pam Hubbard
  2. Zowee Moore
  3. antonia richardson
  4. cassie footman
  5. gary wilson
  6. Logan Badger
  7. Lyndsay potter
  8. Sharon Pitman
  9. Simon Anderson
  10. Sue Warr
  11. Vera Bahounkova
  12. Walter Patino

11 x Social Media Spiders Web & Social Traffic Dashboard video training products – Sue Worthington,

The first product included in the package is Social Media Spiders Web. This video training product contains 33 training videos to help you to create your own interconnected social media strategy. You will learn how to set up your sites correctly, integrate and optimise each site, build your community, and establish your expertise.

The second product is Social Traffic Dashboard. This video based training product includes a series of traffic generation videos on the big 6 social sites. Also there’s 10 traffic packs chock full of videos, planning documents, templates, worksheets, WordPress plugins, status updates, images, and much more – which will guide you from planning your social media traffic strategy right through to converting that traffic to sales.

  1. Anoop George
  2. Barbara Blyth
  3. chelsea williams
  4. Chris (aitch01)
  5. Eleanor Ofield
  6. emily omara
  7. jan lynn
  8. Julia McPherson
  9. Kelly Littlewood
  10. Owupele Orupabo
  11. Steve Berry

10 x 121 “”Get focused in 2014″” strategy sessions worth £97 each  Una Doyle,

Would you like to discover how to liberate hidden profits in your business? Could you be overlooking the obvious? This hour-long telephone/online session will:

  • Give you Clarity on the way forward – with focus on which actions to take or not
  • It will uncover hidden challenges stopping or slowing your growth and
  • Give you increased energy and inspiration for your business

It’s based upon a 10-point business assessment that’s proven to give you these results and more…

  1. Ann Prax
  2. Catherine Pike
  3. David G Lewis
  4. Gary Lockwood
  5. Ginny (ter_gin)
  6. Lovelda Smith
  7. Michelle Hudson
  8. Mike Williams
  9. Ruth Harwood
  10. Tamsin Dean

9 x 121 Content Marketing Idea Generation Sessions – worth £125 each Una Doyle,

Have you found that everybody and their dog is telling you content marketing is the way to go. But what if you’re stuck for ideas? Maybe you don’t know where to start or perhaps you’ve been doing articles, blogs and/or videos for a while and are now running out of steam.

Well this prize will help you to put together a big batch of topics and identify how you can add more value through your content marketing to attract your ideal clients, without breaking the bank or your personal time. Not only this, I will help you to drill to the core value of each idea and structure it as part of your sales funnel.

  1. Anthony Loader
  2. Guffero (yaho)
  3. jodie harvey
  4. Joy joe
  5. Lisa Pattenden
  6. Lynda Nutter
  7. sue seaman
  8. Susan Emmerson
  9. Valerie Buhagiar

8 x Video branding online programme & 1-hr 121 Skype session – worth £197 Una Doyle,

Are you using or considering using video as part of your business development strategy? Maybe you’ve seen some wonderful videos – and even better those video views and big lists of potential clients some people are generating. Whether you’re planning on creating them on your iPhone or with a video production company if you haven’t thought through your strategies you could waste a lot of time and money without much return. Even worse, you could potentially damage your reputation…

8 lucky winners will get a Video Branding Strategy Programme worth £197 each which includes online coaching and a 1-hr 121 online video session with me. You’ll identify which video types will work best for you and your business, key elements to consider to create great videos and get to practice your spiel and get my feedback in the safety of our web conference room.

  1. jan (mailag)
  2. Tammy Doiel
  3. Bonnie Gean
  4. Karen Peaurt
  5. Ian Clarke
  6. jasmin holland
  7. Nicci (ccibon)
  8. Sarah Vitale

7 x Animated video introduction for your video blogging or sales videos – worth £250 Kim Emson,

Do you regularly hold seminars or present as part of your business? Do you do blog or sales videos? Would you like to make them fresh, interesting and on-brand for your audience and add your personality?

Kim Emson Animates creates brand promoting animated videos that get people talking. Kim’s experience includes Bob the Builder, Disney’s Frankenweenie and her work helped achieve an all time sales high for one of New Balance’s product lines.

This prize is a unique animated title sequence to use on the web or in your presentations. It will be 7 seconds long, it can include your logo and the animation style and feel will creatively match your business and branding, whether drawn 2d animation or stand-out stop-motion techniques.

  1. Rob Clayton
  2. amanda (inner)
  3. claire griffiths
  4. colin gault
  5. nino amoroso
  6. Petra Hora
  7. Rochelle (andyour)

6 x Mojo Mastery Programme – worth £397 Helen Butler,

Helen Butler is founder of Feminine and which supports professional women to Get Their Mojo Back.

What is Mojo? It’s being alive, that juice, that zest for life so if you find your job or business unfulfilling, are stressed, depressed or lonely then this prize is for you. Once you’ve got your Mojo back you’ll have the energy and passion back in your life to achieve your ambitions.

Helen’s Mojo Mastery 6-week coaching programme includes 3 Group Mojo Mastery sessions where you’ll learn practical tools and techniques. You’ll also receive a one-to-one coaching session with Helen to identify how you can apply what you’ve learned to your particular situation. In addition, you will have email access to Helen for the duration of the programme.

  1. adele (_pet)
  2. charlotte thornton
  3. Miriam OToole
  4. sandra rubery
  5. suzanne drummond
  6. TeeJay Dowe

5 x 121 Talent Dynamics profile test and debrief sessions – worth £197 each  Una Doyle,

Well those of you who know me will know that I am a Talent Dynamics master trainer and the business development tools and principles I use will typically uncover strategies to add tens of thousands of pounds in only a one-hour session.

You will take your Talent Dynamics profile test to discover what business development strategies suit your particular strengths and personality. You’ll also get a 1-hr 121 Talent Dynamics debrief session with me worth £197 to identify how best to apply what you’ve learned to be more in flow, increase your performance, have more fun and maximize your profits.

  1. Pauline Forster
  2. Arpad Hevizi
  3. Cátia Soeiro Perry
  4. Sonya Dyke Brown
  5. Deborah Clarke

4 x 121 Productivity coaching packages 6 x 1-hr sessions – worth £597 each Rob P Brown & Paul Walsh,

Do you ever feel like your ‘to do’s’ are never-ending? That there’s never enough time in the day? Each prize winner will receive 6, 1-hr Skype sessions to improve their time management and productivity by between 11 and 35% using world class tools and techniques. How much time would that add to your life and how much could that add to your bottom line too?

  1. Andrew Horder
  2. Dan Lacey
  3. greig spencer
  4. jason crouch

3 x 121 Business Development Coaching package & Talent Dynamics Profile Test worth £650  Una Doyle,

These lucky winners will receive six x 1-hr business development coaching sessions, weekly accountability coaching in the client portal and a bonus of your own Talent Dynamics Profile Test. The focus of this package is for you to identify which business development strategies work best for you and your business and discover how to easily increase sales and maximize your profits for 2014.

  1. Jonathan Macdonald
  2. keren mary curran
  3. lisa spann

2  x Lotus Seed Life Coaching Package of 6 sessions – worth £480.00 per package Vikki Faudel,

As you’ll have heard in Day 11’s video this prize is one that is close to my heart as it was instrumental in making massive changes in my life, business, acting career and love-life.

Two lucky winners will get to experience some of what I did with these Lotus Seed Life Package sessions. You’ll get six sessions each to work on whatever is most challenging right now in your life or business.

The sessions will be delivered by Lotus Seed Life‘s founder Vikki Faudel or one of her in house practitioners.

  1. kate styles
  2. marie bishop

1 x VIP Next Level Business Package worth £1211  Una Doyle,

This includes a Strategy Session worth £97, a Virtual VIP Business Development Day worth £997, a Talent Dynamics Profile Test worth £50 and 1-month’s online accountability coaching at £67 for a grand total prize value of £1211.

In the strategy session we will identify the gaps, hidden blockers and challenges in your business and then we’ll work on those in your virtual VIP Day to take you to the next level of your business success. You can expect to uncover strategies and unblock your flow to massively increase sales and maximize profits over the following year.

It will all be recorded* so that you can revisit at any time the proven and profound principles and practical steps you learned.

* Subject to no technical hitches.

  1. Carolynn Jones


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11 comments on “Winners of the Creative Flow “12 Days of Christmas Contest”!
  1. Logan Badger says:

    Wow Una,I didn’t even realize I won. Could you email me ? I will go back and check my emails…maybe I missed it as I have a yahoo and gmail accounts…

  2. Jason Crouch says:

    I won the
    4 x 121 Productivity coaching packages 6 x 1-hr sessions – worth £597 each Rob P Brown & Paul Walsh,
    How do I claim them and arrange the session bookings?

    • Una Doyle says:

      Hi Jason, you should’ve had an email from Rob and Paul with details of your prize that week – apologies, I’ve only just seen this. Let me know if it didn’t get through to you. Kind regards Una


    ooo just seen ive wone a mojo prize

    • Una Doyle says:

      Hi Suzanne, that’s great! I know Helen’s been delivering this already – how are you enjoying it?

  4. Sue Warr says:

    Ya-hey!! Thanks for the prize win……great news!!

    • Una Doyle says:

      Hey Sue, have you registered for the webinar tonight that’s part of your prize? Check your email if not… Cheers Una

  5. Ian says:

    Thrilled to have won a video branding session. Many thanks Una.

  6. Whahay! What a FANTASTIC start to 2014. I am completely lost for words … thank you.

  7. Fabulous!
    These prizes are amazing!
    Congrats to the lucky winners, and well done Una and Steve for a great outcome – I know how much work you put into this and you should be proud of the results


  8. adele says:

    I’m really excited to be one of the lucky winners of the Creative Flow Contest…. I’m really looking forward to working with Helen Butler!!!! 🙂

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