What is your top barrier to delegation?


Could you do more delegation?

Answer the delegation poll

We all know how important it is to delegate yet often leaders and managers don’t do it as often as they could. The negative impact of this can include:

  • Miss out on staff development
  • Too much time at work
  • Less trust within the team
  • You may not get to work with your strengths leading to tiredness and eventually burnout
  • You don’t get to achieve your objectives – or at least not as easily!

I’m planning to create a video/webinar on delegation (will know which will work best after get research back) in the next few weeks, so I’ve created a poll on LinkedIn to discover your priorities to help me focus on the strategies that will be most helpful to you. I would love if you would go and add your answer now. Thanks and remember make sure you join the newsletter to get details of free resources.

Answer the delegation poll

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