Two Simple Keys to Business Growth

One of the key things that many small businesse fail to do is to package their products or services effectively. The fact is, the more tangible you can make what you sell the better.

It’s all very well waxing lyrical about how wonderful your offering is but if people don’t really understand what it is you are selling, then they simply won’t buy because of confusion.

I know a business is in trouble when I ask them what their best selling product or service is and they can’t tell me. If they can’t tell me, how can the customer know the true value that they can deliver? Sometimes this is because they are simply offering too many different things and their value is diluted.

If they then spend lots of resources attempting to market and deliver these many different things, without enough sales coming in first, then they are over-leveraging and likely to reduce profits and even go bust.

This brings me to the second key thing that many miss, delivering a sample of some sort so that your potential client really gets to understand the benefits on offer. This is so important these days as the landscape of buying has changed so much.

Of course people are still people, however there is so much information out there for free already that you need to be delivering true knowledge,  applications and real results. Something they can’t get from a free kindle sample on the topic…

Where are you in your business?


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