To appraise or not to appraise…

…That is indeed the question!

There is so much here it’s challenging to squeeze it all in – so I won’t and instead will do some articles/videos about this. To sum up, if you and your managers do undertake performance appraisals then please ensure that:

  • They have received some training about how to effectively give feedback
  • They are measuring the right things
  • They know to focus on strengths, not weaknesses
  • That staff have the means to measure their own performance so they’re not dependent upon potentially very subjective opinions…

Great managers don’t have to depend upon performance appraisals to know how their staff are performing because they are working with them on an ongoing basis.

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24 comments on “To appraise or not to appraise…
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    • Una Doyle says:

      Thanks – a mix of personal experience, lots and lots of reading and research and observation when both working in organisations and the hundreds of coaching sessions that I’ve done with people. I love it when I read books that support what I’ve intuitively known with statistics and research. Have a gander in the store to see what appeals to you

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    • Una Doyle says:

      I’m getting an RSS feed link, however in the meantime add your email address in the box on the top left hand side of the page under the header.

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    • Una Doyle says:

      Hi Susan

      I’ve just uploaded this new site this week after I was hacked and had to take down my old one. I will be installing a mobile version too, though due to other work commitments that won’t happen until probably next week? Check back then (there’ll be something on the home page saying ‘mobile site’ so you’ll know it’s been done) and I’d love feedback on how it looks on your ipad. Though an apple fan with my macbook pro I don’t have an ipad to try it out on! 🙂

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