Una has spoken and done coaching and/or training with a range of business and personal development audiences including:

  • Business Link
  • Argos
  • Yorkshire Forward
  • Asda
  • Kodak Polychrome Graphics
  • Forward Ladies
  • Dewsbury College (now known as Kirklees College)
  • JCI UK (regionally and nationally)
  • JCI Denmark (JCI World Congress & invited back for their national conference)

She has also worked with the following companies change communications and employee engagement:

  • Network Rail
  • Manchester City Council
  • Oldham Council

Some case studies of organisations that have implemented Talent Dynamics workshops are available here.

A selection of testimonials on Talent Dynamics Profile Test & Debrief Sessions;

“Una helped me make sense of Talent Dynamics and gave me an excellent insight into how I could apply my Lordly talents to helping my clients so that I increase my value.

I now have a very clear view of who my target market is which has helped me develop a much more specific pitch for my networking meetings.  It has also allowed me to develop a theme for my new website and saved me hours of head scratching to come up with ideas for interesting copy.

I am delighted to recommend Una to any business owner who wants to take their business to the next stage.  She’s a great listener and also has lots of creative ideas to share.

Thank you for your help Una, it’s really made a difference to my business.”

Shelagh Brownlow, Director, Brownlows Accountants

“I found the Talent Dynamics process that Una took me through completely fascinating. I have undertaken several other personality profiling exercises before throughout my career but this is the first time I have felt that it was totally accurate and significantly valuable to me in my career.

Talent Dynamics is simple to understand yet it gives you a complete understanding of how you operate and how to fully harness your potential. After my debrief with Una, I was instantly brimming with motivation and I felt more enthusiastic about my working life than I had done for many years. I couldn’t wait to get started, armed with my new direction and strategy on how to get there.

Since my debrief I have been busy putting the building blocks in place to set me on my new path. Aged almost 40, I finally understanding enough about myself to ensure that I steer my career in a direction that will keep me feeling motivated and in doing so I will harness the maximum productivity from myself and those around me.  I highly recommend Una and Talent Dynamics.”

Anna Bowen, Anna Bowen HR


A selection of testimonials on keynotes & talks:

“Una is both knowledgeable and passionate about the material she presents and has the skill of application to boot!”

Anthony Healer, West Yorkshire, UK

“A very vibrant speaker, knowledgeable and with a wide range of knowledge.”

Nigel Skinner, Bradford, UK

“Very persuasive presenter and very effective problem solver – gets alongside people.”

Elizabeth Harfleet, UK

“Una was great at working with people on ‘real’ business problems in the Challenge Una section.”

Tony Brook, Oldham, UK

“Lovely genuine and warm person and a brilliant presenter.”

Sarah Harfleet, West Yorkshire UK

“A congruent delivery of some very useful information. I liked it all.”

J. Vora, West Yorkshire, UK

“Una is a person who speaks sincerely and is willing to help you look at solutions to problems, even though there’s a lot to take in.”

Gareth Shorter, West Yorkshire, UK

“She can change business mindsets with ease…”

Joan Flowers, West Yorkshire, UK Smile & Wink.tv

“Una, top marks for your presentation skills. Lots of good ideas and experiences as examples. You have a breadth of skills.”

Kenneth Spencer, Belvedere School of Motoring, www.Belvederesom.com

“Lovely personality, her honesty and integrity shine through.”

Jean Myall, West Yorkshire, UK

“Bubbly, relaxed, engaging and knowledgeable speaker.”

Jeanette Harkness, Positive Days, www.PositiveDays.co.uk

“Knowedgeable lady with enthusiasm.”

David Hasdinge, West Yorkshire, UK

“Una connects really well with her audience, she is inspiring, confident, competent and empowering.”

Paul Owen, Manchester, UK

“She is a most genuine, inspiring and motivational person. Her approach is original and dynamic – I will be making my own little changes as a result. Thank you.”

Danielle Sewell, Hull JCI

“Hi Una. Today I attended a Business Link event in Scarborough and I found your session very useful and interesting. Thank you again for a thought provoking morning.”

Allyson Scarth

“Down to earth and easy to relate to.”

Richard Ignatowicz, www.e-mortgageconsultant.co.uk

“Una Doyle is a person who comes from love, sincerity and honesty. When she tells her stories you know she is telling it like it has been for her and the message she wants us to take from what she has lived. On stage, she glitters.”

Fergus McClelland, Fellow of the PSA and Communications Trainer, fergus@vocaltrademark.com

“Passionate about her message”

Shelagh Brownlow, Manchester, UK

“Very bubbly, nice and confident person. Get the feeling it would be a good thing to be more like her.”

Joanna Wilson, Hull JCI

“Una puts forward knowledge, getting you to look inside and acknowledge what is, in an inspiring and entertaining way.”

Julie Silver, Nutritional Therapist, Natural Health & Stress Management Consultant. www.JulieSilver.co.uk

“Great presenter, fun and interactive session with fantastic content. Thanks Una.”

Debra Brown, Chair of MasteryGym (a personal development group in Manchester, UK)

“Keeps you interested. Lively and fun!”

Laura Devine, Hull JCI

On a 2-day seminar for new businesses:

“Una has a unique humorous style and phenomenal expertise. This was a truly empowering seminar.”

Asif Raman, Psychiatrist in Independent Practice, West Yorkshire

“This seminar will get you pointing (and moving!) in the right direction towards your business dream…”

Eddie Palao, artist, London

“During this seminar Una demonstrated how inspiring and passionate she is. She really knows her stuff and is full of ideas.”

Satie Punglia, West Yorkshire

“This was a great, down-to-earth, common sense seminar. Very useful, well structured and really got me thinking of things I hadn’t realised were in my mind.”

Paul D Ronan, Nursing Home Construction, West Yorkshire