Become Accredited

Have you achieved all you set to do so far in your business?

Have the financial rewards been everything you deserve?

The Talent Dynamics company has achieved phenomenal growth itself and for its clients by applying what they now teach to their accredited consultants around the world.

As you may well know, these tough economic times have left many trainers and coaches struggling to get new clients, or even continue with existing ones. Training is often the first thing to go when the purse strings tighten.

Organisations may focus on cost-cutting, restructuring and redundancies with development programmes put on hold. Finance takes precedence while HR may struggle to prove its value to the bottom line.

All his can have a massive impact on the finances, stress levels and personal lives of many wonderfully skilled and experienced trainers, coaches and consultants. This can even have a knock-on effect on their emotional and physical health and their loved ones.

At Talent Dynamics HQ we haven’t found that. In fact our accredited Performance Consultants are going from strength-to-strength. Increasing turnover and increasing profit every quarter for themselves and their clients with a typical return on investment of £100k from a 1–day workshop (over the following 6-12 months). In fact, some Talent Dynamics partners are helping their clients to generate returns of 6- and 7-figures.

As well as the financial ROI many of the reasons for coaching and training – e.g. interpersonal issues, negative politics, silo mentalities, dysfunctional teams, low employee engagement, a lack of innovation and/or general poor performance – seem to melt away as individuals, teams and organisations get more and more into flow.

Because of this I am often asked:

“What’s the best way to become an accredited Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant?”

If you are interested in becoming a Performance Consultant and adding Talent Dynamics to your tool kit, then read on for I’d like to share with you why this is a great idea and how you can come on board. In addition to working as a Performance Consultant in my own business, you see I also work with the Talent Dynamics team as a Master Trainer to help accredit other Talent Dynamics consultants.

Would you like to turn this year into the greatest yet.
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Who does Talent Dynamics work with?

Typically our clients are coaches, trainers, HR and training professionals, who already have an established reputation.  If you are in the training game, have a back ground in coaching or consulting then this program is for you.  Talent Dynamics adds a brand new paradigm to the corporate training programs currently being run.

Originating from the worlds leading entrepreneurial training system Wealth Dynamics, by Roger James Hamilton, Talent Dynamics is for the next league of players.

Developed for the corporate market in a way that delivers measurable results, Talent Dynamics used as a tool in your kit can add thousands to your revenue stream in turn increasing your profits.

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Can I use Talent Dynamics under my own business name?

Absolutely! Our Performance consultants all over the world, are already seeing the results to their established training / coaching businesses.  When we say results we mean for everyone involved.  The Performance Consultants using their own Coaching and training businesses are seeing increased efficiency within their own team, increased revenue and many have reported the dramatic results their clients are having.  Thus creating more flow in referrals for their business.  It’s a WIN/WIN!

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What are the benefits to my clients?

Talent Dynamics is the World’s most powerful, useful and applicable profiling assessment tool on the market.

Personality testing and personality training is well understood by the corporate world as it has been using Myer-Briggs, Strength Finder and Disc profiling in one form or another for over 50 years. These profiling systems deliver reports that most agree with and find useful personally to know about, however one can often find it hard to use for clear measurable financial returns.

The majority of profiling tests are based on Carl Jung’s’ work. However, only Talent Dynamics uses the original unaltered source of Jungs work as it’s base. This source is the 3,000 year old i- ching (pronounced ee – ching), which interprets the 8 profiles and there relationship with each other giving a possible 64 different approaches. Only Talent Dynamics can show you how to harness this system.

Talent Dynamics shows you how to leverage your strength and add value to a team or enterprise. What roles you are and are not suited to. Roles that will increase or destroy trust and flow.

Talent Dynamics has rapidly grown into the most widely adopted profiling system being implemented by companies and organisations to build trust and flow in their teams. The reason for the success of this system is that it links both your strengths and weaknesses to your preferences, and then gives you clear role models and strategies to follow. It takes the very best of what other profiling systems like MBTI, DISC and Strength Finder have and delivers to you a system that is intuitive, relevant and easy to explain to others with clear financial returns.

What’s included in the Workshop attendance?

Our accreditation programme is designed as an experiential learning, with touch points for all 8 TD profile learning needs. It is well paced for adult education and enables you to successfully deliver profile report debriefs, taster sessions, workshops, training courses and eventually entire 12 month programmes.

  • A full 5 day intensive and fun workshop that will help you realise immediate results in your business/job role
  • 25 profiles for immediate use
  • Your training manual and Facilitator notes so you can replicate the exercises
  • Access to monthly support and webinars
  • Access to a full intranet of materials and support
  • Training and content videos

Participants will be able to:

  • Promote learner participation and involvement by using effective questioning techniques in a workshop
  • Deliver a one on one debrief to a live client
  • Understand the different thinking dynamics of the profiles
  • Understand the different action dynamics of the profiles
  • Evaluate their own training strengths and areas to work on
  • Describe all the profiles in the Talent Dynamics square
  • Deliver a powerful session on the primary purpose of an organisation
  • Understand the difference between Value and Leverage
  • Understand the difference between Trust and flow
  • Present a 2hour taster session to a corporate team or board of directors.
  • Use recognised success measures to assess each exercise as it is delivered
  • Measure clients results in monetary terms months after workshops
  • Receive and deliver effective feedback

Why should I get accredited?

  • The ability to take your current business and not only move it up a notch, but take it to an entirely new paradigm
  • Increased revenue stream
  • Exclusivity of a brand new concept
  • New tools to add to your tool kit
  • Small Classes and personalised teaching
  • Increase team motivation for your team and your clients
  • Gives you the tools to build your team coaching, company coaching and executive coaching programs
  • Talent Dynamics has many programmes to deliver increased value to your clients and profit to your pocket
  • The business you have, grows into a scalable and sustainable enterprise
  • You clients results surpass your wildest expectations
  • Your clients refer you constantly to others
  • Your own team will have more fun
  • Generate real return on investment for clients
  • Increase the reputation of your business
  • Add personality profiles to every programme you run, so you’ll know who’s in the room before you start and how to talk to them more effectively
  • Highly measurable. Your clients will know their results are a direct result of your training.
  • Become part of an exclusive community with ongoing training
  • Talent Dynamics HQ, offers you the use of all our marketing material for your own use.
  • Leadership training and ongoing support from the ever growing TD community
  • Use our proven techniques to get into new companies to train
  • Connection to a powerful internationally know training system

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