Halthean Corporation

“Talent Dynamics has greatly accelerated our performance as a Head Office team. This has been a major contributor to our company growth, with our leading brand doubling in size in twelve months in what had been a challenging trading environment for most.”

Helen Urwin, Managing Director – The Halthean Corporation

The Halthean Corporation, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK consists of a portfolio of brands that service the Corporate Market globally in the arena of Brand, Culture and Leadership Transformation.

In October 2009, the company was restructuring their head office operation in 2010 to support the growth of the Xanobia brand in 2010/2011. The Xanobia brand is known for “Full Potential Branding” with clients such as Mars Inc, Wrigley and General Mills and several opportunities had been identified to expand the products and services that Xanobia provides.

To be able to achieve this, the Xanobia Team needed to integrate with an external group of consultants and associates and operate as a larger team. It was essential that each team member understood the value they brought to the team and the role they would need to play to achieve this ambitious goal.

The Talent Dynamics Experience

In November, the team experienced a two-day programme covering Steps One and Two of the Talent Dynamics Pathway.

First, every team member received their Talent Dynamics Profile prior to the programme. During the Step One programme the whole team became familiar with their personal Profiles and the Profiles of other team members: this provided some tremendous insight and ‘aha!’ moments.

The team learned how to measure the levels of trust and ‘flow’ within the organisation and were provided with tools and strategies to improve these measures in the next six months, measures that would raise work tempo and productivity. They discovered who should be accountable for what and where they could create more value with new team members and associates.

Using creative and energetic exercises designed to illustrate and demonstrate distinctions between Profiles, they experienced an environment that gave absolute clarity to the new vision.

In Step Two the teams were provided a framework, unique to Talent Dynamics, and system that produced a full Strategic Plan from the vision, including: prioritised actions, accountabilities best suited to natural talents identified in Talent Dynamics Profiles, milestones, project planning and a series of systems to measure and continuously improve over the coming year.

Outcomes of the programme

By May 2010 the forecast for the growth of Xanobia was achieved and the team is on track for further growth. Plans are in place to replicate this with other Brand Teams in the company.

The Team now has a unique language to describe common tasks and operational styles, a language which has significantly increased productivity and results. They have created new product lines by utilising associates and consultants more fully, enabling them to get into ‘flow’, in other words doing what they love and what they are naturally good at.

They have embraced fully Talent Dynamics Pathway and now have a new rhythm and routine which they have implemented fully, giving them daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual milestones. This has enabled them to focus on what matters, when it matters and has given clarity to the team’s activity.

Members of the team now know who to pass the ball to with confidence, trust and certainty. This has resulted in an opportunity for the Managing Director to really focus her time on the strategic, business-building side of her customers’ brands and has created the space for everyone to be able to raise their game. Individuals are now fully aware of their natural talents and can perform much more confidently and effectively.