Take Action on International Day of Trust

Today is the International Day of Trust and I wanted to share some thoughts for those of you who are wondering how in a practical sense you can build more trust with your teams and clients.

Stephen Covey in his seminal book ‘Speed of Trust’, talks about three ways to build trust; credibility, character and competence. I think these are great things to look at and definitely very important.

However, what that doesn’t address is how much value are you adding in your role? How much value is your team adding to your organisation? How much value is your organisation adding to its customers?

Let’s define what I mean by value. I’m not talking about ‘added value’ a phrase that is much bandied about but often may in fact offer the customer distractions. What I’m talking about is what actually gives benefit and helps people to get in flow.

A simple example would be that you structure your team so that instead of many people doing many things, you have each person focusing on their area of their primary strengths and associated strategies. For example: Jonny does the project management and keeps everybody to a
strict timetable. Jane goes out and engages the board and other teams in your project so that you get the support and resources that you need. Tom structures the deals with your suppliers so that everybody is focused on achieving the end result, not nit picking over details. Alison created the strategy and the policies to get the project off the ground, based on the customer feedback gleaned from Ted, which he instigated because of what he heard in his day to day interactions.

Each helps the other to get into flow because they each deliver value to each other that leverages the team to a whole new level of performance. Without Ted’s purely customer-focused perspective (Trader), Alison’s (Creator) strategies may take the project off course in her creative excitement in getting to innovate. Without Jane (Star) to shine a light on the project it may never get off the ground. Without Tom’s instincts for a win-win deal your supplier focuses on more profitable customers and/or your organisation doesn’t get the result it wants. Without Jonny’s knack for scheduling and resourcing you’re left embarrassed month after month at the board table by a lack of progress and silly and very avoidable mistakes.*

Sounds simple doesn’t it? It always isn’t in practice as many organisations structure their job roles and teams in ways that take people out of flow. It’s up to you as their manager to ensure that the projects you’re working on support the primary organisation’s strategies and – this is the more challenging bit – ensure your team doesn’t get pulled out of flow, either in terms of the projects they’re working on and how they work together.

In discovering how to add true value, you also get to understand how to be a true intrapreneur.

Take Action
In honour of the International Day of Trust I’d like to offer you an insight as to how you can build both trust and flow in your teams and with your customers on this complimentary webinar:

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Take action and register now, who knows what difference that could make when you get to this day 2013!

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