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Filmmaking in Flow…

This year I had a holiday with a difference. For a start, I didn’t have a very long journey, just in and out of Manchester every day to a filmmaking Boot Camp event so I could have fun, acting. It

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The Surprising Truth about Employee Engagement…

How many people do you know that are miserable in their work? Even when people set up their own business it doesn’t always feel like the vision they created in their head before they made the leap… Its great that

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Office Politics vs Performance

Picture this scenario: a group leaves the boardroom, dispersing into twos and threes towards their respective offices. The HR director and Communications Director are complaining about the Finance Director and how he wants to measure everything. “How can we measure

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Peaceful Competition

The Question: Following a post I did in a discussion group in Linked In, I got sent an email citing my profile statement (see the header of this page) and asking “Does peace of mind, the absence of mental stress

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