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The most disastrous start to the year?

I’m not one to moan and in fact will always look for the positive spin on things – always asking “what’s the lesson in this?” I have to say that this has probably been the worst start to a year

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3 Blocks to Performance Improvement

Do you block your Performance Improvement? The first block to Performance Improvement is very common and is when people don’t ask often enough for help. This could be because of a fear of rejection or because they don’t want to look

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Top Tips for Giving Negative Feedback

Giving Negative Feedback A Modern intrapreneur will always look at the reality of a situation, including when somebody is not performing. I came across this article and thought it would be useful as there’s some great advice in there: 5 Tips

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You never listen! Why ignoring your team in Decision Making could land you in trouble…

Not Listening When decision making? Have you ever felt that your boss didn’t listen to you, or has your team ever accused you of not listening to them in decision making? Research now demonstrates that this indeed can be the

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35% of UK Employees Experiencing an Unreasonable Level of Work Stress

Work Stress at a 4-year high I was shocked, yet not surprised that the report featured in HR Magazine revealed such a high figure of workplace stress. The impact of high work stress levels include increased absenteeism and lower productivity –

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A Gift For You and Your Business

talent management

More Than talent management Today, I would like you to think about you and your gifts and talents – your own talent management. It’s so easy in a world where we are taught to focus on our weaknesses at school,

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Are you Doing This to Your Team?

Achieving Effective Teamwork – Really? I just had to share this article about teamwork that I came across on twitter. It really sums up the lack of respect that a lot of managers seem to hold for their team members. Or is

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Why is Business Success like American Idol Success?

OK, i know that may seem like a strange statement, stay with me and I’ll explain what I mean… One minute in to this video and you’ll hear the producer Jimmy say that “To have control, excitement and passion at

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Stephen Covey Video on Trust

Did you read the Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People? You may remember a story about responsibility and his son cleaning up the backyard… Well here is Covey’s son, Stephen M.R. Covey, on video talking about that story

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How easy are you to help?

Just a quick update to share with you a great article that I came across and my views on it. Basically, the author Mike Myatt believes that for many help is a dirty word. Here’s the link and what I

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