Understanding Primary Purpose

This is the first of two workshops in Step One of the Talent Dynamics Pathway.

Typically as a result of running this 1-day workshop a team is able to add at least £100,000 to the organisation’s revenues over the following 6-12 months.

The great thing is that you don’t have to turn your business upside down, initiate a culture change programme or try to turn everybody into salespeople.

You may ask how is this possible? Actually it is easier than you think…

The key is getting to the heart of why organisations exist and giving you a different perspective on your performance, individually, as a team and at an organisational level.

The Primary Purpose of an enterprise is to add value to the market or community it serves and to leverage that value profitably.

When an enterprise fails to add value, it soon loses its place. The more value it adds, the greater its place. When an enterprise fails to leverage effectively, its cost of resources exceeds its output and it soon loses profitability. The more effectively it leverages, the greater its profit.

In these fast changing times, sustainability comes from measuring and refining these two factors. Self-evident as this may sound, most companies are not measuring these two factors and work reactively to market and financial indicators. This is the equivalent of patching the symptoms and not treating the cause.

Sustainable value is created by measuring and managing TRUST. Sustainable leverage is created by measuring and managing FLOW.

Understanding that sustainable value is measured in trust allows us to measure the value of each person in your enterprise based on the level to which they are trusted by others to deliver value, and then to build their value by building this trust.

Understanding that sustainable leverage is measured in flow allows us to measure the effective leverage of each person in your enterprise based on the level of flow they deliver to others in communication, resources and profitability.

During this first day, each team member takes the Talent Dynamics Profile Test, which consists of eight different profile types. Each type includes a pathway and specific strategies for each to build their performance, value and leverage most naturally.

When you understand your Talent Dynamics Profile and that of your team members, you can make little tweaks to get the team in flow, that have a big impact on your results over time.

Even better, it is you and your team that come up with the ideas and strategies that will add 6-figures to your business. You know your business inside and out, I help you to apply the Talent Dynamics principles to your organisation during the workshop. This means that the whole team is engaged and committed to the solutions you came up with together and you know which of you is best placed to be accountable for the different actions so that you all get into and stay in flow.

After this programme you will:

  • Know the best ways for your team/organisation to add value and
  • The best ways to leverage that value
  • Know how to get and keep your team in flow to increase performance, employee engagement and to attract and retain your best staff
  • Have specific and prioritised actions across the team to accelerate Trust and Flow and an understanding of what ROI these actions will add to the bottom line
  • Have improved communication within the team (and often between teams) and reduced stress

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