VIP Executive Coaching

This is what many leaders and managers are facing today:

  • Pressure to perform better with less people and resources
  • An economy that shows up each and every flaw in your organisation
  • Increasingly sophisticated customers that require much more from their suppliers
  • Growing competition online and from emerging economies
  • Even in high-growth situations, the fear that the growth will be difficult to maintain

Do you wish to improve your own performance and that of your team? Are you confused or overwhelmed by all the advice in books, newsletters, youtube videos and from people around you that seemingly contradicts the previous thing you heard or else doesn’t give you the steps required to implement best practice? Well worry no more…

Each person is an individual and brings different talents, skills and experience to the table.

The coaching programme is a combination of Talent Dynamics and my 7 Principles of Peak Performance – you will discover how they each may apply to your particular situation.

  1. Be responsible and accountable
  2. Make teamwork and collaboration work
  3. Get your team in flow
  4. Be present and prioritise
  5. Have clarity of vision
  6. Discover workplace relevance and meaning
  7. Manage change effectively

In these principles I’ve packaged together how to apply the best learning of leaders in the fields of performance, leadership, management, teamwork, communications and employee engagement. They incorporate Talent Dynamics™ the business development approach that accelerates trust and flow to speed up your results. (Clients using Talent Dynamics™ typically double productivity and revenue in less than 12 months.)

These principles are deceptively simply, yet sometimes challenging to apply as they do involve other people – your team and possibly others in your organisation. Having the benefit of being led through the process and an objective eye to help interpret situations can help make all the difference. This coaching will help you to apply these principles not just to you personally but to your team as well.

Often what people need is not actually more information. Information on its own doesn’t always lead to transformation. The key is figuring out what strategies are best for you, with your particular blend of talents, skills and experience, in your organisation in the current circumstance.

You see timing is essential and that is one of the key distinctions in applying Talent Dynamics – is looking at the timing, the seasons, the cycles in

  • Products and services
  • Projects
  • Teams and departments
  • Organisations
  • And even economies


After this 121 telephone coaching programme tailored to you:

  • Increase your personal performance and productivity
  • Discover how to get the most out of your team
  • Understand how to retain your best people
  • Improve communications – that actually hits the mark
  • Increase the motivation and engagement of you and your team
  • Increase innovation, performance and productivity of your team
  • Implement change more effectively
  • Increase profits and/or utilisation of resources

Can you imagine how it would feel to experience these benefits? What difference could that make to your standing and influence within your organisation, to your team and their levels of motivation and engagement and how you feel about yourself?

Who is this VIP Executive Coaching Programme For?

  • Leaders and managers in corporate organisations where you have line management responsibility for others
  • Leaders and managers in public sector bodies where you have line management responsibilities for others
  • Owners of businesses where you have an informal or formal management team working in the business
I only work with a handful of 121 VIP clients at any one time with this programme to ensure that you get the attention that you deserve. The programme lasts 3 months (it can be extended if you wish) and includes a range of materials, learning methods and accountability in addition to your 121 coaching sessions. Your investment is £2,997 and easy pay options are available.

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