Stephen Covey: On Creating a Knowledge Worker Culture

From the Training Zone article interviewing Stephen Covey of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” fame:

“The industrial age model is kind of a top-down hierarchal command and control model and it doesn’t develop widespread competency throughout the organisation,” he (Covey) explains. “The knowledge worker age, which we’re in now, means that you create a culture where competency is spread everywhere, and where the people, even at the bottom, are involved significantly in discussing key business decisions. That takes a little more time and patience, but gradually once you get this kind of a culture, they produce alternative solutions to problems, which means it is not just ‘your way’ or ‘my way’, it is ‘our way’. And that is very bonding to people when they experience that.”

And if you blend that with a focus on people working to their talents and strengths then the results speak for themselves…

Well worth a read! 🙂


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