JC Penny Firing Lots of Managers – Are You in the Line of Fire?

Do Intrapreneurial Leaders Better Avoid Layoffs?

Do Intrapreneurial Leaders Better Avoid Layoffs?

Like many organisations JC Penny is making big layoffs with its managers.

What I found interesting in this Business Insider article is the reference to how appraisal results don’t actually appear to be the factor in the source’s case as to how was laid off and who wasn’t.

Here’s how it went down, according to one assistant manager who was laid off Monday:

“One hundred store managers across the country were quietly laid off two days before they announced the home office reductions and the call center closing.  The rest, phase two, happened Monday. They said it was done purely on year-end appraisal ratings, but someone in my store got a higher rating than I did (and was laid off anyway), and also they changed what the ratings stood for this year, and eliminated performance improvement documentation, so that they did not have to wait longer to do this. If my name or even state comes out I will lose my severance.”

So what is making the difference and what can you do to maximise your chances of staying with your organisation?

The way I see it the key is value. How much value are you really adding to the organisation? Particularly in these times, those that not only add value but can easily demonstrate how they add value are the ones that get to stay on and help the organisation to survive and then thrive…

Looks to me like maybe this is what happened with JC Penney!

One way to enhance the value you add is to understand how to get you and your team(s) in flow.

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