Is an Always On Approach Helping or Hindering You?

According to this Real Business article, “Gone are the notions of “office” and “working day”. Research shows that the “always on” approach is having a positive effect on people’s work and personal lives.”

What are your thoughts? I’m hearing from leaders and managers that they feel under intense pressure to perform and often feel they have to work many hours to do everything they want to do (of course the ones who work with me learn how to achieve (and more!) their objectives with less stress and have more time for themselves, family, etc).

At the same time I like to work flexibly, at the moment I’m doing some consultancy on some different change programmes as well as working with my other clients doing coaching and workshops. My iphone is a big boost for keeping in touch in those downtime moments.

I’d love to hear your views. I suspect that for some Talent Dynamics profiles this approach is invasive, whereas others will welcome it with open arms… I wonder who the research was done with?!

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