Intrapreneurs: Top Ten Reasons Why Companies Fail to Keep Their Top Talent

Are Your intrapreneurs Leaving in Droves?

I thought I’d share this article on ‘Top Ten Reasons Why Large Companies Fail to Keep Their Best Talent’ with you so you can ensure that as an intrapreneurial leader/manager you are not falling into these traps and loosing your best intrapreneurs.

I believe that your top talent probably are intrapreneurial and that’s why you think they are

I’d particularly like to draw your attention to points 3, 4 and 5 and make an extra point of my own.

3. Performance Reviews

As an intrapreneurial leader/manager you must be discussing performance with your team on an ongoing basis, not just once a year. Build this into your rhythm and routine of meetings and keep focusing on how their strengths and talents can really add value and impact the bottom line.

4. No Discussion around Career Development.

In addition to what it says in the article I’d like to make the point that a lot of career paths actually take people out of flow. Have you ever heard of The Peter Principle? This is when people get promoted to their level of incompetence – a loose-loose scenario where you loose a great performer and pay them more for the privilege of adding less value to the organsiation!

And here’s a side-note to that – many of your poor performers could just be out of flow. Maybe if they had accountabilities that suited their strengths and understood team flow and their part in achieving it their performance would go through the roof.

5. Shifting Whims/Strategic Priorities.

To add to this article I’d like to recommend that everybody read Jim Collins Built to Last and/or Good to Great. Shifting priorities doesn’t just affect top intrapreneurs – they can bring a successful organisation down to its knees. Modern Intrapreneurs know how to identify the true value they, their team and the organisation adds and how to leverage for sustainable and scaleable success. Constantly changing goalposts could take them off course. I am not referring here of course to changing market conditions but the – usually political – changes in direction that often plague larger organisations.

How to Retain Your Intrapreneurial Leader/Managers

  • Teach them how to create/work with intrapreneurial teams so that ideas and innovation actually gets implemented and improved to create a positive cycle of successful intrapreneurship.
  • Give them the freedom to do things differently and then apply what works to the rest of the organisation, where appropriate.
  • Help them create a career pathway that recognises who they really are and their true value and enhances their levels of trust and flow, not that destroys it


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