Innovation alone won’t always bring success

Higher Quantity of innovation from Poorer Performing Companies


Innovation isn't always the answer

I thought I’d share this interesting titbit from Business Insider on innovation in the article “The 10 Companies that invented the most things last year”

It makes for fascinating reading because it makes the point that while innovation is definitely a means of success for many companies, a higher quantity of patent applications can actually have the opposite effect on business performance.

“Most of the corporations in the top 10 are among the most worst performers across all industries.”

Business Insider

The article doesn’t go into any detail about why this may be – perhaps the reasons lie with why I am looking to redefine intrapreneurship to be about more than innovation alone.

If your organisation has departmental/divisional silos, mismanaged teams with poor employee engagement and low motivation, a poor track record of implementation of change and a static or decreasing place in the market then innovation isn’t the only answer.

Intrapreneurship AND Innovation

For instance check out the 8 Talent Dynamics profiles and have a think about how some of profiles other than Creators (naturally the most innovative) would really help to add value to your organisation as part of intrapreneurial teams.

When you have people working in flow then magic starts to happen, especially when they have been through a programme that helps to them increase their commercial acumen so that they really understand their part in the development of an organisation.

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