How To Attact New Talent

I read this article on the Real Business website and just had to add my thoughts.

While the advice on how to attract talent is absolutely valid, one thing it doesn’t address is how you define talent…

As far as I can tell from my interactions with companies, ‘talent’ is identified by when people do well in their jobs and the powers that be can see that they have further potential. However, what can happen is that the talent is identified when they are in their flow and there is a real danger that they’ll be moved to a role where they will be taken out of their flow. It is vital to understand what criteria made the ‘talent’ talented in the first place…

Often managers think that talent needs to be rounded-off with different kinds of experience and learning different skills. While there is some merit to this thinking, if it is done in the wrong way it could end up demoralising your talent and leaving managers wondering what happened to their amazing pool of talent? This can apply just as much where the talent is recruited in as the managers probably have even less idea as to what were the key activities and accountabilities that made them successful in the first place.

What’s my advice?

  • Get clear on what makes your talent talented and ensure that you keep that in place while they are being developed further.
  • Look to ensure that you know how to leverage their talent so that everybody in the team gets even more in flow.
  • Don’t discount the talent on your doorstep. Maybe you have really talented people already that just need a few tweaks in their role and accountabilities to shine.


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