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In January 2012 I’ll be hosting a free webinar to share and discuss some thoughts on what is a ‘Modern intrapreneur‘.

You see it strikes me that there is a real need for leaders, managers and their teams to be commercially oriented in their results on a day-to-day basis, yet pretty much everything I read about intrapreneurship and intrapreneurs seems to be about innovation?

What is a Modern Intrapreneur?

Now of course innovation is a good thing. Still you know what? There are many ways for leaders, managers and their teams to add value to their organisation and for their organisation to add value to its customers, not just innovation. Yet looking at the majority of materials out there on intrapreneurship, that is the key focus.

I’m concerned that there’s a divide between the ‘inside entrepreneurs’ and those who aren’t on intrapreneurship/innovation projects. I’m more concerned that there’s many organisations out there who want to improve their results and really need everybody in the organisation to be thinking like an intrapreneur…

Not everybody’s strengths will fall into the old definition of being an intrapreneur. So what happens? Many of the leaders and managers who therefore don’t consider themselves intrapreneurs aren’t adding as much value to the organisation as they could. However by developing their intrapreneurial skills they could not only help to massively increase their organisation’s results, they could sky-rocket their career and secure their future…

I’d love to share with you some ideas about how as a leader or manager you can develop yourself and your team(s) as intrapreneurs and dramatically improve your results. Want to join in the fun?

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