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Are you ready to move up a level? Play a whole new game? If so, here is a free assessment for you to use to help you look at different areas of your career/business to see how well you are doing.

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The details below explains some of the ideas behind the statements so that you know how to score yourself:

7 Peak Performance Principles:

  1. Be Responsible & Accountable – being a victim vs taking responsibility for own life and success, do you and your team have clearly defined accountabilities, how effective are you at delegation?
  2. Make Teamwork & Collaboration work – doing it alone vs having a true team (formal or informal), are you OK with asking for help, how are you at trusting others, how do you help your team be more effective, how does your team help you be more effective?
  3. Strategise Your Strengths – how clear are you on the key value that you add to your team, organisation, your customers, how do you leverage that to achieve your strategic objectives, how much of the time do you spend in flow?
  4. Have Clarity of Vision – how clear are you on your vision, is it written down, do you have a plan to achieve it, how well have you communicated this vision and plan to the relevant people?
  5. Be Present & Prioritise – how easy do you find it to focus and concentrate, be present, how clear are you on your priorities on a day-to-day basis, have you prioritised your plan, does your schedule realistically reflect your priorities?
  6. Discover Work Relevance & Meaning – does your ‘why’ (purpose/big game) match your vision, who do you serve, who does your work directly impact, how can you measure your effectiveness yourself on a day-to-day basis?
  7. Manage Change Effectively – how well do you adapt to change, how well do you help others through change?

3 Key Questions:
I think these are pretty self-evident, put down whatever they mean to you to explore these areas. You may be surprised by what you notice…

Take Your FREE Peak Performance Review Now!

When you receive your scores (it will have a copy of your answers for you) sit down and look at what are the priorities for you to work on.

If you would like some help with that I offer an introductory telephone Peak Performance Review session. In this 45-60 min session we can explore your particular situation, where you would like to be and what you will need to achieve in order to get there giving you an action plan to work on. Often clients get ideas and strategies for improving performance simply by exploring questions and concepts that they don’t normally think about on a day-to-day basis…

“After my Peak Performance Review with Una, I really came away with lots of information and a new way of thinking which will help a lot with my business and help get me into flow. I would recommend Una to anyone who would like to get more out of their business.” Rachelle Haynes

To book your session please contact me to schedule a date and organise payment. Your introductory session is only £100 (usual price for a one-off coaching session £250). Payment via PayPal is available.