Day 2: Turtle Doves, Business Success & Social Media (12 Days of Christmas Facebook Contest)

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Una here, of & co-founder of Creative Flow.
Welcome to Day 2 of the Creative Flow “12 Days of Christmas Facebook Contest” with 78 prizes worth over £16.5k on offer!

You’re here, where you’ll get our Christmas cheer, business development crackers to help next year be your best yet and a new prize announced every day! Stay right til the very end to discover another prize you could win and how to enter…

First though, what could Turtle Doves have to do with your business?

As you may know, doves often symbolise peace. Have you heard what the definition of peace is? Well, it’s not the family squabbling around the dinner table over who gets the last mince pie! Peace is actually defined as an absence of conflict. (Pause & listen) 

Imagine peace in your business from the perspective of your branding and positioning being completely congruent with the experience of your clients and prospective clients. 

Can you honestly say that about your business? What are the points that people interact with you and your business? Your web presence, marketing materials, sales pipeline, your team, systems and processes, customer delivery and service. Take each in turn and see what you could do to make sure that they are congruent.

And speaking of systems and processes do make sure you’re using them to full effect in your business. Knowing that the right thing gets done at the right time in your business is definitely a big contribution to inner peace!

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and remember to share on the next page for up to 15 additional entries

Now it’s time for the next prize announcement! This prize is offered by Sue Worthington, founder of Get Social For Sue, along with her son Dan, teaches business owners, service professionals, authors, coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs how to use social media effectively to grow their businesses. She has perfected a systemised process which teaches overwhelmed business owners to create a blueprint for attracting the right clients. Sounds good, eh? Wait till you hear what’s she’s offering!

Sue’s prize is 11 packages of 2 brilliant Social Media training products!

The first product is Social Media Spiders Web
This video training product contains 33 training videos to help you to create your own interconnected social media strategy. You will learn how to set up your sites correctly, integrate and optimise each site, build your community, and establish your expertise.

The second product is Social Traffic Dashboard
This video based training product includes a series of traffic generation videos on the big 6 social sites. Also there’s 10 traffic packs chock full of videos, planning documents, templates, worksheets, WordPress plugins, status updates, images, and much more – which will guide you from planning your social media traffic strategy right through to converting that traffic to sales.

When you enter your name and email in the “12 Days of Christmas” Facebook contest, myself and our prize partners are going to give you the chance to win this or one of the other 78 amazing prizes totalling over £16.5k that will help you to achieve your ambitions.

Not only that, but you’ll get a video like this every day for the 12 days of the contest with business development strategies that you can implement straight away to make 2014 your best year yet. Each video ends with that day’s prize announcement.

If you are looking for sustainable business growth and don’t want your business to turn into a turkey then simply submit your name and primary email address at the link so I can enter you into the contest and know where to send the videos.

Have a great Boxing Day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Enter at
and remember to share on the next page for up to 15 additional entries

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2 comments on “Day 2: Turtle Doves, Business Success & Social Media (12 Days of Christmas Facebook Contest)
  1. Sue Worthington says:

    Day 2 of the 12 days of Christmas business strategy videos – plus a chance to enter to win one of 78 valuable prizes – don’t miss out check this competition out right now

  2. Una Doyle says:

    What could turtle doves have to do with your business success? Day 2 video of 12 Days of Christmas Facebook Contest now live!Enter & share to win 1 of 78 business prizes totalling £16.5k.The prize announced in today’s video is to do with social media… Good luck and please like, dislike or comment to let me know what you think.Una x

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