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Kodak Files Chapter 11 – Was Intrapreneurship Missing?

Kodak Files Chapter 11 When I saw this article ‘Former Trailblazer Kodak files chapter 11‘ I was at first shocked. Yet when I thought about it I realised that neither myself nor any of my friends (that I know of)

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Smart Goals 2012: A Different Perspective…

I know, I know, another article about the New Year and smart goals, well hey, it’s January! This one however has something a bit different for you… A different perspective on smart goals As you are well aware, many people

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Steve Jobs Quotes: Top Ten Business Quotes

I saw this article on top Steve Jobs Quotes on and thought that I would love to share them with you. Steve Jobs Quotes I just wanted to pick some out and comment on them from an intrapreneurial perspective,

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Free Webinar: “What is A Modern Intrapreneur?”

Discover The New Definition of Being an Intrapreneur! In January 2012 I’ll be hosting a free webinar to share and discuss some thoughts on what is a ‘Modern intrapreneur‘. You see it strikes me that there is a real need

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Never Say Never (in Business or Life!)

Don’t ever let somebody tell you that something isn’t possible. Maybe it isn’t possible today. Maybe it just isn’t possible from their perspective. Maybe you need others to get you to the answer that you want. As Einstein said: “You

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Do Organisations Actively Seek Intraprenuerial Managers/Leaders – intrapreneurial.

Intrapreneurial Leadership I’ve been pondering intrapreneurial leadership recently as it struck me that really that’s what the work I do helps create. But do companies want this? Do they seek it? Do they think they do, yet not know how

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Getting Into Flow in Manchester

I’m speaking at the Manchester NLP & EI Group about Talent Dynamics on 4 October at 6.30pm. As well as explaining some of the Talent Dynamics Pathway and how to get into flow for sustainable and scalable business growth, we

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Two Simple Keys to Business Growth

One of the key things that many small businesse fail to do is to package their products or services effectively. The fact is, the more tangible you can make what you sell the better. It’s all very well waxing lyrical

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Are you Doing This to Your Team?

Achieving Effective Teamwork – Really? I just had to share this article about teamwork that I came across on twitter. It really sums up the lack of respect that a lot of managers seem to hold for their team members. Or is

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Stephen Covey: On Creating a Knowledge Worker Culture

From the Training Zone article interviewing Stephen Covey of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” fame: “The industrial age model is kind of a top-down hierarchal command and control model and it doesn’t develop widespread competency throughout the organisation,” he

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