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Is an Always On Approach Helping or Hindering You?

According to this Real Business article, “Gone are the notions of “office” and “working day”. Research shows that the “always on” approach is having a positive effect on people’s work and personal lives.” What are your thoughts? I’m hearing from leaders

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FREE Webinar – Intrapreneurial Leaders: Build Trust & Performance with Talent Dynamics

This is a complimentary live webinar for leaders, managers and directors of teams who want to develop themselves and their teams to be more intrapreneurial while building more trust with each other and customers. It will share some of the

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Take Action on International Day of Trust

Today is the International Day of Trust and I wanted to share some thoughts for those of you who are wondering how in a practical sense you can build more trust with your teams and clients. Stephen Covey in his

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Reaping The Rewards After Restructuring, Redeployment And Redundancy

For some people it must seem like a merry-go-round when they experience the upheaval of round after round of restructuring, redeployment and redundancies. Every few years the company is turned upside down and yet often doesn’t seem to gain the

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Top Tips for Giving Negative Feedback

Giving Negative Feedback A Modern intrapreneur will always look at the reality of a situation, including when somebody is not performing. I came across this article and thought it would be useful as there’s some great advice in there: 5 Tips

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Could Becoming Intrapreneurs Make a Difference to Women Leaders?

An International Women’s Day Special for women leaders I was very interested to read some of the statistics below on* as part of International Women’s Day. Let me say before anyone gets riled up that I am not advocating that

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You never listen! Why ignoring your team in Decision Making could land you in trouble…

Not Listening When decision making? Have you ever felt that your boss didn’t listen to you, or has your team ever accused you of not listening to them in decision making? Research now demonstrates that this indeed can be the

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Intrapreneurs: Top Ten Reasons Why Companies Fail to Keep Their Top Talent

Are Your intrapreneurs Leaving in Droves? I thought I’d share this article on ‘Top Ten Reasons Why Large Companies Fail to Keep Their Best Talent’ with you so you can ensure that as an intrapreneurial leader/manager you are not falling into

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35% of UK Employees Experiencing an Unreasonable Level of Work Stress

Work Stress at a 4-year high I was shocked, yet not surprised that the report featured in HR Magazine revealed such a high figure of workplace stress. The impact of high work stress levels include increased absenteeism and lower productivity –

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Innovation alone won’t always bring success

Higher Quantity of innovation from Poorer Performing Companies I thought I’d share this interesting titbit from Business Insider on innovation in the article “The 10 Companies that invented the most things last year” It makes for fascinating reading because it

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