Business Problem Solving: Who’s to blame when things aren’t going to plan?


Watch this short video to find out what to do when people and things just aren’t working the way you would like…

What’s worked for you? What’s a challenge you’re facing right now with your business development? Comment below…

“If you blame other people, it’s not going to get any better” via @unadoyle
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Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Una and today I’ve got something to say to
you, which is if you’re blaming
other people for your lack of success stop

If you blame other people it’s never
going to get any better.

You are responsible for your success,
you’re responsible for getting your team
in flow and for the partners and the suppliers
that you work with.

You selected them
and you choose to continue to work with
them. If things aren’t working
it’s up to you to actually make a
difference. Even how you run your
personal life, your family your home your health
your relationships. You’ve got a
responsibility in
all those areas of your life.

Now you can’t
control life and that’s not what I’m
saying life happens and sometimes what
happens isn’t that great
but you do have the ability to choose
how you respond to what life throws at
you and what your business throws at you

Let me give you an example from my own
life not long after I first set up in business
I hired a VA a virtual assistant. I was
delighted because I thought great
because this person’s going to do my books
and is going to do my administrative work
and it just wasn’t happening the way I wanted it to.

I would want to call her up
and talk things out because that’s how I
think and she wanted
everything in email she’s probably a Lord
or an Accumulator profile
and because we hadn’t discussed how
we were going to work on getting all that out
up front then it just wasn’t working and things
were drifting and things weren’t getting
done and she was not happy with how I wanted to
deal with her and I wasn’t happy with
how she wanted to do things

I let that drag on for a year or so
the thing is is that how much more
productive would have been in my
business if I’d actually you know corrected
things much much earlier on and in fact
ideally made sure I got the right VA for me
and my business in the very beginning?

So when it comes to blaming other people
don’t. Look at yourself first, ask
yourself what part do I play in this situation
and then take steps to make it right.
You’ll have a much much happier life, just
keep checking what are you tolerating in different
areas of your life and your business make little changes
and see the big results you get.

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10 comments on “Business Problem Solving: Who’s to blame when things aren’t going to plan?
  1. MsMilkytheclown1 says:

    Very insightful. I finally made a choice to simply cut ties with “bad eggs”. But my problem was not a single problem. I had to prioritize problems and deal with one problem at a time. Sometimes it’s hard to prioritize when so many things go so terribly wrong all at once.

  2. Tom Bailey says:

    Responsibility is a better context to live from than blame. Great video. – Best regards.

  3. goldewl says:

    I agree with you.

  4. tom noeldnerr says:

    OK thanks for sending your link to me, good info. Common sense business advise. Blaming oneself is the only way to self talk the solution. .

  5. VisualPowerProfits says:

    This is so true

  6. qqq2211 says:

    I agree on what your saying that your responsible for your success I have my own show and look at football clubs participate in events that I promote in which clubs win prize money and free exposure and terms conditions apply and in response the football clubs don’t respond . What more can an individual do in this situation ?

  7. Joy Healey says:

    Very true. “If it’s to be, it’s up to me”, I am making a lot of changes to things that haven’t gone right for me and look forward to learning from you.

  8. Paul Dunne says:

    I agree 100% Una.

  9. Tom Haase says:

    Well done Una. I like the tweetable idea and I tweeted your video

  10. Una Doyle says:

    Hi there, are you guilty of this common business error? I was! Watch this short video & share it if you like it. Kind regards Una

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