Blackpool Council

“Facing dramatic government cuts in spending, we might not be here today if we hadn’t discovered Talent Dynamics six months ago! That day, everything changed. We discovered how we could make our vision a reality. Not only could we sustain but we could also scale our service…. The team was inspired in a way like never before.”

Nicola Hall, Head of Enterprise – Education for Blackpool

HERO was a project funded by Blackpool Council to deliver Enterprise Education across Blackpool. It was tasked with providing young people access to skills and knowledge they would otherwise have never received. The HERO team inspire many a young person into a career in business/entrepreneurship. Its work has been incredibly well received by young people, Blackpool schools and parents alike.

The team had known for approximately 18 months that their LEGI funding (Local Enterprise Growth Initiative) was due to end in March 2011 and that they would lose their entire £300,000 a year funding for activities. This meant an end to Enterprise Education as Blackpool knew it. Throughout the last financial year the project has seen “in-year” cuts to its funding become the norm.

If the team wanted to continue, it had to find a sustainable and scalable solution that didn’t require public sector funding and fast!

The Talent Dynamics Experience

The HERO team completed Step One on the Talent Dynamics Pathway – a one-day programme called Understanding Primary Purpose.

On this programme, individuals in the team received their personal Talent Dynamics Profile Reports and began to understand the best way to create value within their team and how to leverage that value with each other. They started to have some real ‘aha’ moments about why the ideas they previously had were not coming to fruition in the way they had set out in the new HERO vision.

They experienced a unique process of creating flow using the Talent Dynamics model and learnt how to immediately apply that to the ideas created that day. The programme created situations that allowed participants – both as individuals and as a team – to experience for the first time together, flow, in a very empowering way.

Outcomes of the Programme

The change in the mindset within the team was dramatic and instantaneous. Team members were open to change, much more flexible in their approach, more committed and most importantly, were having more fun!

HERO has now become a Community Interest Company. Since March 2011 it is no longer funded by the Government but through its commercial activities.

Forward orders of £100,000 were already been placed for programmes by schools that will be run by this ‘new company’ in Blackpool. As a community interest company, it can now apply for funding streams that were not ’t open to it previously. This is likely to generate a further £30,000.

It is likely that the service provided to Blackpool will be leveraged next year across the whole of the UK as part of an ambitious expansion plan.

The team remains the same as before with the wealth of experience, credibility and the strength of relationships that mean service can continue at the usual high standard.

Productivity has increased because each person is working to roles and accountabilities that keep the team in flow.

They are all particularly excited that the work they have invested their time and passion in was recognised, when the team was awarded a Prime Ministers Big Society Award (one of only a handful presented across the country!).