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3 Blocks to Performance Improvement

Do you block your Performance Improvement? The first block to Performance Improvement is very common and is when people don’t ask often enough for help. This could be because of a fear of rejection or because they don’t want to look

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Trust Conference with Stephen M.R. Covey (Speed of Trust)

Would  you  be  interested  in  learning  about  just  one  thing  that  will change  everything  in  your  organisation  for  the  better? This  autumn,  New  York  Times  and  #1  Wall  Street  Journal  best  seller  Steven  M  R  Covey  is coming  to  London  for  the  Trust  Conference.  His  book ‘The SPEED of Trust’ has  changed  the landscape  of  how  we  look  at  the  way  we  do  business. Statistics  show  that  a  lack  of  trust  is  30%  of  the  reason  why  corporations  are  failing.  As  a  key  leader, manager and/or HR professional you  can  understand  the  importance  of  trust  and  communication.  Do  other  people  in your  organisation?  Trust  doesn’t  have  to  be  sidelined  to  HR  but  should  be  an  innovative function  at  the  heart  of  your  business. Stephen  M  R  Covey  has  been  addressing  this  topic  for  years.  He  is  the  foremost  thought  leader on  using trust  to  transform  organisations  and  has  toured  the  world  helping  businesses  use  trust to  its  greatest  effect. This  is  your  chance  to  hear   Stephen  M  R  Covey speak. Stephen  M  R  Covey   has  found  skilful  and  flexible  ways  to  build  trust  and  use  it  in  large  organisations  that  will: • Improve  sales  and  overall  financial  performance. • Increase  productivity  and  efficiency. • Reduce  absence  and  the  turnover  of  staff. Would  this  benefit  your  organisation?  If  so,  you  don’t  want  to  miss  the  Trust  Conference.  Come along  and  learn from Stephen  M  R  Covey how  to  build  trust  and  transform  your relationships  as  well  as  your  organisation. There are also some other fantastic thought leaders speaking:

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What is your top barrier to delegation?

Could you do more delegation? Answer the delegation poll We all know how important it is to delegate yet often leaders and managers don’t do it as often as they could. The negative impact of this can include: Miss out on staff development

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How Olympian Are You?

This is a guest post from the creator of Talent Dynamics (and Wealth Dynamics, the entrepreneurial version), Roger James Hamilton, that I just had to share with you. Yet another example of how the underlying energies and cycles of Talent

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Intrapreneurial Leaders: Photoreading™ for Productivity & Performance (free webinar)

Discover How To Increase Your Reading Speed, Improve Your Productivity, Enhance Your Memory, Creativity & Intuition through PhotoReading As a busy intrapreneurial leader/manager you may feel overwhelmed… Too much to do yet not enough time to do it? Stacks of unread

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How to Eliminate Silos While Increasing Results…

The Power of Alignment Something that I’m always focused on in one way or another is alignment within organisations, or in many cases, the lack thereof. I believe that this is the underlying cause for so many complaints from managers

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Intrapreneurial Leaders: Build Trust, Performance & Revenues with Talent Dynamics

After this 1-hr complimentary live webinar you will: Know the 4 keys that create typical increases in revenues/savings of £100k+ per team in only 6-18 months (this is the commercial acumen that could keep you off the layoff lists) Identify

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Is an Always On Approach Helping or Hindering You?

According to this Real Business article, “Gone are the notions of “office” and “working day”. Research shows that the “always on” approach is having a positive effect on people’s work and personal lives.” What are your thoughts? I’m hearing from leaders

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JC Penny Firing Lots of Managers – Are You in the Line of Fire?

Like many organisations JC Penny is making big layoffs with its managers. What I found interesting in this Business Insider article is the reference to how appraisal results don’t actually appear to be the factor in the source’s case as

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FREE Webinar – Intrapreneurial Leaders: Build Trust & Performance with Talent Dynamics

This is a complimentary live webinar for leaders, managers and directors of teams who want to develop themselves and their teams to be more intrapreneurial while building more trust with each other and customers. It will share some of the

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