Una Doyle‘s Philosophy: “Business IS Personal” 


Una Doyle

Una Doyle: Helps Creatives Achieve Their Inspirational Vision, Profitably

This is my philosophy after years working my way through sales, communications, consultancy, training, speaking and coaching roles in companies large and small, private and public sector and running my own business.

I’ve been very blessed to come across resources that have helped me to learn and grow – personally and professionally – to become the very much happier and effective person that I am today.

This is because I know where my strengths lie, what strategies to follow to utilise and enjoy them (Talent Dynamics, I’m a Star Profile) and have overcome the blocks and negative patterns that held me back in the past. It’s been an incredible journey and of course an ongoing one…

I’m passionate about working with frustrated creatives whose businesses are somehow stuck to help them to achieve their inspirational vision – profitably – in ways that mean they have more fun and freedom to spend time doing what they truly love.

Of course I work with those who are prepared to embrace major changes, as generally speaking doing what they’re already doing harder isn’t going to get them the results that they desire…

Look, I’ve been there. I’ve made so many of the mistakes that creative people tend to make in business. Got the t-shirt? I’ve a whole wardrobe of them!

Us creative folk can be both exciting and joyous, or a pain the proverbial to be around depending whether we are in or out of flow. We can inspire others and then immediately frustrate them when they see us fritter away our potential or repeating old mistakes. Us having heads in the clouds is where we get our greatest ideas and strategies from – however there are times when we need to make sure that things get done, and get done consistently. Creative business people, though often incredibly dynamic, can often leave lots of money (and value!) on the table.

After working with me people discover how to to get into flow and massively increase their performance and results over the long term. This has such an impact on people’s personal lives as well as the business’s bottom line.

My underlying motivation is to help people to connect with themselves, others and their work.

For those that lead teams there are some very simple strategies that will help you to become a better leader and also help your team to get involved in business development. It’s not rocket science you know. Unfortunately most schools, colleges and in-house training departments don’t teach these principles. Yet. Give it another 10-20 years or so…

Una Doyle: The Formal Stuff…

Una Doyle is an accredited Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant and an international award-winning speaker, trainer, coach and consultant.

Una has worked with well-known organisations such as Argos, Asda, Yorkshire Forward, local authorities and Kodak from a one-to-one basis to groups as large as 2,000. She has appeared on local and national TV and radio, written for trade magazines and is currently a contributor to the Discuss HR blog and the Talent Dynamics blog.

Results-focused, she is passionate about learning and has studied and gained experience in leadership, teamwork, change management, employee engagement, communications and entrepreneurialism. Una has incorporated this experience, reasearch and learning with her expertise in Talent Dynamics into coaching and development programmes that make a massive difference to personal and bottom line results.

Una Doyle: The Personal Stuff…

Well in line with my Business IS Personal philosophy it wouldn’t do to not let you get to know me a little more…

I live in the North West of the UK with my partner Steve, though I’m from Dublin originally. I ended up here via a long pitstop in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

I love socialising being an extrovert and can talk the hind legs off a donkey. I am ever curious and love to know what makes people tick so listen more than you think… I love eating out in nice restaurants – Thai being my favourite food.

I can also be found meditating and enjoying quiet times reading sometimes too. I really enjoy detective shows as I love solving them before the end, I prefer ones without the violence though – no point filling up my head with such negative stuff I believe.

I love latin music and salsa dancing – and latin food – though most of my spare time these days is taken up acting, writing and making short films (such a Star Profile, eh? 🙂 ) so the salsa has taken a back step (pun intended!). As I share with those I work with, you’ve got to prioritise and pay attention to that which you most want to grow…