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What are your gifts & talents?

More Than talent management

Today, I would like you to think about you and your gifts and talents – your own talent management. It’s so easy in a world where we are taught to focus on our weaknesses at school, college and in appraisals to forget about what comes naturally. Unfortunately, in the corporate world talent management usually refers to identifying top performers and giving them special attention as they are ‘talented’. However, everybody is talented – they just don’t necessarily understand where their talents lie…

In fact, many people dismiss their talents and gifts precisely because they come easily – they think everybody must find this easy peasy! Whereas in reality you may find that others really appreciate what you can do that they find challenging. Especially when you really understand the value that you add and how to communicate that to others so they understand how you can best help them to be more effective. Now that’s what I call talent management!

Sometimes we aren’t clear enough on our gifts and strengths to recognise them for what they are. Sometimes we are aware and choose not to focus on them because we need to ‘fix’ what’s wrong instead with courses and books. Other times we know full well yet don’t share what we can actually do because we believe it’s not our place, or we don’t have the confidence to allow ourselves to shine.

Whatever the reason, now is the time to stop hiding and start shining bright! Please stop listening to the “Who do you think you are?!” in your head. It is your responsibility to do so in fact, not just for yourself but for all the people who will benefit from your gifts.

Whatever beliefs you may or may not hold regarding religion or spirituality, we all have something within us that begs to be nurtured, expressed, set free. If we don’t do this then that’s a huge part of us that is ignored and neglected and that is likely to ultimately affect our sense of well being and perhaps even our health.

Would you ignore and neglect a child? Then why do it to a part of yourself, or even worse, allow others to do this to you?

If you are not utilising and growing your gifts and talents you could choose to make a decision to do so from now on. When would be a good time to make the decision to do your own talent management? How about now? Or at least today? What about creating a category for your diary called talent management and schedule time in to do this weekly or monthly?

Because there is no point pretending or planning to take action on your talent management until you have actually decided that it time to share your gifts with the world. Only then can you take true accountability for your gifts, i.e. take action.

Top Tips for Personal Talent Management

So what could you do to take action on your own talent management? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Identify leaders in your gift(s) area and learn more about them, what they did and how they did it.
  • Take a course to enhance your talents.
  • Set up google alerts, RSS feeds, subscribe to newsletters, etc on the topic of your gift.
  • Simply start talking with people about it, letting them know how much you enjoy XYZ and would be keen to take on any projects relating to that.

So let us know any other ideas on what you could do or just let us know what you think your gifts are – get them out there, boy it feels good! 🙂

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