3 Blocks to Performance Improvement

Do you block your Performance Improvement?

The first block to Performance Improvement is very common and is when people don’t ask often enough for help. This could be because of a fear of rejection or because they don’t want to look stupid.

They might feel they want to do the task themselves, that they don’t want to rely on other people. This could be because of trust issues or could even be because of their Talent Dynamics profile. Maybe they’re more introverted and prefer to do things themselves.

Whatever the reason it’s really easy to get into the habit of asking more – set out to ask somebody for help at least once a day and you’ll be used to it in no time. After all, nobody achieved anything wonderful without getting some help from somebody!

The second block to Performance Improvement is where people don’t have appropriate levels of accountability and responsibility. On the one hand this could be because they are so focused on other people’s business and taking on others’ responsibilities that they actually neglect their own, or it could be that they’re just not getting things done.

There’s a few things that you can do about that.

  1. Check to see how often you say “so and so should…” or “so and so shouldn’t…” All that energy and time you spend focused on other people’s business is just taking away time and energy for getting your own things done.
  2. Really look at what isn’t getting done. Who actually owns that? Does anybody own it? If they do, are they the right person? Do they have the right strengths, skills and experience? Maybe you need to jiggle things around with your team (formal or informal) in order to get that done.

The third block to performance improvement is where people lack focus and this shows up in different ways around the Talent Dynamics square. Those who are high in Dynamo energy love freedom and things that are new and exciting so they can feel that they are constrained if they can only focus on one thing. Those with Blaze energy they can feel that it’s just boring if they focus on one thing because they love variety, they want to be out and about with people, not hemmed in. Those with high Tempo energy, they can actually focus too much and get bogged down in the detail. Whereas those who have high Steel energy, they normally don’t have difficulty focusing yet are they focusing on the right things?

So the key thing for everyone to achieve performance improvement is to understand the strategies that suit them best and ensure they have enough focus within the right type of structure that  works best for them and also for the other people they’re working with.

I trust that’s helpful, please do comment I’d love to hear your results and insights from applying these tips on overcoming blocks to performance improvement.



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