12 Days of Christmas Contest – Day 10


Una here, of UnaDoyle.com & co-founder of Creative Flow.
Welcome to the 10th day of the “12 Days of Christmas Facebook Contest” – only 2 days left! Stuffed full of Christmas cheer, business growth crackers and an exciting new prize announced each day! We’re almost at the end so keep watching to find out the bigger and bigger prizes on offer and how to enter…

First though, 10 Lords-a-Leaping and your business. I’m a Talent Dynamics master trainer and the starting point in Talent Dynamics is to identify which one of 8 personality profiles is a good match for you. This then indicates which business development strategies will work for you and just as importantly, which won’t!

One of these profiles is called the Lord and this is a great profile to have in your business because they are brilliant at analysis and cash-flow. They are wonderful at leveraging through systems and processes to increase profit.

Now this is the weakest area of business with many creatives and changemakers. In fact most of them I come across have no idea how much money they’ve made or lost until they do their tax return. Even when they make great money they’re often really good at spending it too…

Part of your responsibility as a business owner is to sit down and look at what measures to review on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis and then do that. When you have the right data it’s so much easier to make better decisions.

This might sound unexciting to you if you’re a typical creative entrepreneur or people-focused coach but let me tell you that when you get this right in your business it won’t just be the Lords-a-leaping, you will be too because it will cause you to take the actions that actually grow your business and get the results you want.

So get a Lord in your team and make sure you work with them on this area on a regular and scheduled basis.

Today’s prize announcement is for 3 lucky winners who’ll get my 121 Business Booster Coaching package – worth £797 each. This gives you 6 x 1-hr coaching sessions, accountability coaching in the client portal and a bonus of your own Talent Dynamics Profile Test.

The focus of this package is for you to identify which business development strategies work best for you and your business and discover how to easily increase sales and maximise your profits

When you enter your name and email in the “12 Days of Christmas” Facebook contest, myself and our prize partners are going to give you the chance to win this or one of the other amazing 78 prizes totalling over £16.5k that will help you to achieve your ambitions.

Not only that, but you’ll get access to all 12 days of the contest videos with business development strategies that you can implement straight away to make 2014 your best year yet. Each video, like this one, ends with that day’s prize announcement and all the videos are archived for you to view at your leisure.

If you are looking for sustainable business growth and don’t want your business to turn into a turkey then simply submit your name and primary email address WHERE? so I can enter you into the contest and know where to send the videos.
Thank you and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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4 comments on “12 Days of Christmas Contest – Day 10
  1. kevin christy says:

    i don’t the situation but i do like U slayerwulfe

  2. kevin christy says:

    to continue U have a really nice on camera presence i think you should focus on that, your so personable. there must 20 lesser broadcast stations looking 4 someone like U. just go and audition ‘shy’ grrl .slayerwulfe

  3. kevin christy says:

    U have 31 videos, and Ur the top comment on this one ? i understand life is a struggle, offering prizes or claiming to help ppl that have money to spend when U don’t is crippled. U need 2 focus on the abilities or talents that R particular 2 U. i am willing 2 talk with U, don’t insult me.slayerwulfe

  4. Una Doyle says:

    Day 10, Lords-a-Leaping & the Weakest Point in Your Business? See today’s video for more business development & prize announcement (12 Days of Christmas Contest)When you enter your name and email at http://www.unadoyle.com/12days, myself and our prize partners are going to give you the chance to win one of the amazing 78 prizes totaling over £16.5k that will help you to achieve your ambitions in 2014#12DaysFBPrizes

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